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Role of Vitamin K2-7 in Energy enhancement


All the cells in your body – especially muscle cells – depend on a chemical called Adenosine TriPhosphate (ATP) which helps to store and use energy. And your body’s ability to generate ATP depends on the amount of oxygen in your system.

Low oxygen levels are associated with lifestyle-related disorders like diabetes, hypertension, obesity and arteriosclerosis. High oxygen levels are associated with cardiorespiratory fitness and improved athletic performance.

Studies show that vitamin K2-7 is associated with improved oxygen uptake and aerobic fitness. This can have a positive effect on athletic performance. It’s also good news for the rest of us, because it can help keep you safe from lifestyle-related diseases.

Oxygen Consumption Relative to Exercise Intensity

Role of Vitamin K2-7 in aerobic fitness :

VO2 is a measure of the volume of oxygen that is used by the body. VO2max is the maximum possible VO2 that a given person can achieve. Both are important in the context of exercise, because they are a measure of your body's ability to generate ATP. Therefore, a VO2max measurement is ultimately a measure of the cardiorespiratory fitness level (Aerobic Fitness). Cardiorespiratory fitness improves consumption & utilization of oxygen that is inhaled and distributed to the body tissues, as well as its better tissue utilization and energy transduction.

Fig: VO2max & O2 consumption

Problems associated with low O2 levels in body :

It has been observed that the lower energy levels are associated with disease state and LSRD (Life Style Related Disorder).

*ETC: Electron Transport Chain

Benefits of higher VO2max :

Aerobic fitness protects against :

- Improved athletic endurance and performance
- Chronic diseases
- Diabetes
- Heart diseases
- Metabolic syndrome

Role of Vitamin K2-7 in VO2max :

Vitamin K2-7 increases energy levels and ameliorates disease states and life style disorders. It alleviates hypoxemia and hypoxia, resulting in increased energy levels. It improves tissue perfusion, increasing VO2max.

A study on healthy athletes was performed to check the effect of vitamin K2-7 on VO2 and VO2max at AB (Aerobic Base) & AT (Aerobic Threshold). Vitamin K2-7 in an oral dose of 600µg per day (300µg in the morning & 300µg in the evening) was given to them for 21 days and results were observed after.

After 21 days, a significant increase in VO2max was observed. The results indicate that there was not only improvement in maximum oxygen utilization but also in the utilization of oxygen in aerobic base (AB) & aerobic threshold (AT). An overall increase in AB, AT and VO2max showed a significant increase in cardiovascular fitness.