For the F&B industry

Fortify the world

One of the most effective interventions universally recognized for the prevention of hidden malnutrition is food and beverage fortification. Vitamin K2 lends itself admirably to this purpose.
Here is a partial list of F&B products that can be fortified with MenaquinGold®:

- Dairy products
- Vegetable oils and spreads
- Fruit juices
- Breads
- Confectionary & chocolates
- Soy milk
- Sports beverages
- Energy bars

Growth in the food & beverage market is driven by health options required by the consumer. Our bodies need Vitamin K2 for a number of vital functions, so it has a wide range of health applications.

Viridis BioPharma can assist you to meet the growing demand for products fortified with vitamin K2 as well as other active ingredients with our end-to-end solutions.

Various grades of MenaquinGold® are available in powder, granule, oil, and crystal form. We have also developed a special water soluble grade of Vitamin K2-7 to incorporate in aqueous formulations.