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Role of Vitamin K2-7 in muscle cramps


Mehta et. al. [1] conducted an observational study of Vitamin K2-7 100 µg/day for 3 months followed by a washout period of 1 month. Total 19 patients were enrolled in the study and divided into two groups. Group A (n=9) had 1-2 cramps/day to 5 /day with severity of 2-9 on the visual analogue scale (VAS) scale. Group B (n=10) had lesser frequency of 2-4/wk to at least once a week with same intensity.

After 3 months of treatment it was observed that cramps of Group A was reduced from 1-2 cramps/day and 5 /day to no cramps or 2-3/month. In the group B, from 2-4 cramps/day to no cramps - 1/month.

It has been observed that a daily administration of vitamin K2-7 not only relieved the existing occurrence of muscle cramps but also prevented its recurrence. Schurgers et al, have shown that the half-life of vitamin K2-7 is 72 hrs. So a cumulative presence of vitamin K2-7 in the body can explain its longer duration of activity. It is seen that Vitamin K2-7 is helpful in relieving idiopathic muscle cramps.

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Therapeutic Activity and Safety of vitamin K2-7 in Muscle Cramps

  • 1) Mehta DS, Vaidya RA, Dound YA et al. Therapeutic Activity and Safety of Vitamin K2-7 in Muscle Cramps: An Interventional Case- Series. The Indian Practitioner 2010; May: 287-291.