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With years of extensive research on vitamin K2 from production to clinical usage, the solutions and services we offer can only help you across the board, whether you are in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, or even the food and beverages industry.

It’s all-natural
MenaquinGold® is produced via a deep tank fermentation process with a non-genetically modified, GRAS organism. This is essentially the same vitamin K2 that is found in high concentrations in natto, a food that has been consumed in Japan for over 2000 years.

It has a validated identity
An expert team of scientists at Viridis, along with a US FDA-approved third-party analytical laboratory, have developed a validated method to analyze the vitamin K2-7 we produce. Results obtained by advanced analytical techniques – namely, NMR, Mass Spectroscopy and HPLC – have validated the accuracy of the method, as well as confirmed the identity. This has also been certified by two independent US-FDA approved analytical laboratories as part of the development of the equivalent Drug Master File.

MenaquinGold® was developed as a prescription ingredient

This fact means that every aspect of development is regulated and validated by a third party lab and by government authorities. MenaquinGold® has an equivalent Drug Master File as is necessary when producing a prescription ingredient. This qualifies MenaquinGold® with the absolute highest level of quality and reliability.

MenaquinGold® is verified by 2 independent laboratories

MenaquinGold® has a Drug Master File equivalent, and has been scrutinized and validated on various parameters like stability, concentration, and analogs. Two independent, highly creditable analytical laboratories have validated MenaquinGold®.

Ensured formulation stability

MenaquinGold® has been successfully formulated into various dosage forms by several companies. As an ingredient, MenaquinGold® has been studied for both long-term and accelerated stability. This gives tremendous confidence to supplement formulators on the quality of ingredient for their formulations.

Dedicated to vitamin K2

With years of extensive research on vitamin K2 from production to clinical usage, we have identified several new indications for vitamin K2. These indications have been filed for patent protection and further studies have been commissioned to provide clinical substantiation. We are among the few suppliers of K2 with a broad range of applications available that will likely be patent protected. Our company has made significant capital investment in the development of the science behind vitamin K2 and thus will have within our portfolio a number of patent-protected applications